Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Yoga Booty Ballet®

Here are FIVE reasons why you have to check out YBB:

1. You don’t have time to; exercise, tone, listen to great music or hang out with friends. That’s so sad. Boo. Well now you can do them all at once! Multi-taskers of America– celebrate! Your deliverance is imminent!

2. You aren’t burning enough calories dusting off the treadmill once a week. YBB includes cardio as part of the plan, man. The more you come, the less there will be of you each week.

3. If you hate yoga, and booties; and think ballet is for sissies, you’ve been missing out on some inspirational transformation. After the first class you’ll feel great. After a month, people will ask you when you had lipo. By the way–get used to hearing “you look like you’re glowing,” (it never gets old).

4. Your Adult ADHD brain gets bored doing the same thing all the time. Guess what, your body gets bored too. Have you noticed you really toned up at first, but suddenly your same old workout plan ain’t working out. There’s a reason for that, and we’ll mix it up so you see results!

5. You hate exercise but love to have fun. Yoga Booty Ballet is a time machine that speeds up class time and stops aging. I know, I can’t actually make these claims (without consulting Stephen Hawiking), but I can promise the class will fly by and you’ll feel vibrant.

So click here and sign up now…more classes coming soon too.

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