Abercrombie Push-Up Top for Girls Not Cool For Pool

I have long boycotted Abercrombie & Fitch out of a prudish obsession with their adult portrayal of young   kids.

I think little girls and boys should look like little girls and boys—and not like Victoria’s Secret models and their leering boyfriends.

With so many kids wearing “Abercrombie” I decided maybe I was being too, harsh, too puritanical. Maybe I got my boy shorts into a knot over nothing; then scandal erupted.

Abercrombie started to market a bikini for little girls, as young as 7, with a padded push-up top. Here is a link showing the original ad:


Perhaps Abercrombie has finally shown their true colors through their black and white editorial-style advertising. They have removed the “push-up” from the items’ descriptions as in this link:


For modesty reasons, girls want a lined suit; but enough padding to keep the space shuttle from burning up on reentry? Unsuitable.

Note to Abercrombie & Fitch: if a girl still plays with Barbies, she absolutely should not look like one.

What’s next—American Girl Vodka?

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One thought on “Abercrombie Push-Up Top for Girls Not Cool For Pool

  1. Rosemary Gard

    Only mothers who put their little girls in beauty contests would want to buy these. I find it both crude and tasteless. I agree with Paulette…little girls should be sweet, not sexy!

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