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“Working with Paulette was both insightful and energizing. She helped me re-discover interior resources and strengths buried beneath years of self doubt. Paulette’s warm, supportive style mixes well with her healthy sense of play and good humor. I enthusiastically recommend Paulette as a coach.” Mary K., LaGrange, IL

“Paulette gently and firmly helped me to begin thinking about myself in different ways. Kinder ways. I saw that becoming more healthy and a more comfortable size was a process and am still amazed at how much of what is on my hips begins between my ears! That gentler thinking spills over into many areas of my life, making me feel more confident and contributing to new successes.” Julia M., LaGrange, IL

“Part of my coaching homework each week was to complete a small exercise(s) that moved me closer to my goals.   The activities gave me purpose each week and as I progressed the feel good from these pursuits was great.   The work with Paulette finally got me to ACT on one important item long overdue.  I should have done it years ago!   My work with Paulette was definitely time well spent!    Thanks so much Paulette.”  Sue D., Western Springs, IL

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