Dog the bunny hunter – and why I’m no better.

Astro's Jaws of Death

Astro's Jaws of Death

This morning, in a fit of frustration over a project, I neglected to remember some ill-placed baby bunnies by my back door. These bunnies have been there for several days, under a small shrub, protected from harm by my squirt gun yielding son. You see, Astro, our 70 pound standard poodle, has a penchant for catching and chewing small life forms, or anything that has fur and squeaks. If I wore a fur coat and started to sing, he would try to eat me.  So while I was fuming around the house, for a reason I no longer remember, I realized Astro was outside. There I found him, with the lifeless downy form of a baby rabbit in his long snout  – the second of 2 chewed literally to death, but not consumed.  And so I’m reminded of several things:  1) all life is important, but nature always wins,  2) Anything we find precious, needs to be cared for dearly and not forgotten and 3) Dogs must think rabbits are delicious.  As yourself this, what did you forget or abandon today that resulted in loss?  As for myself, I’m right back on track.

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